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Moneyartist Igor Arinich installs paintings from the USSR money. The originality of his masterpieces lies in the fact only genuine USSR banknotes issued in the period of 1961-1991 used instead of colors. Igor calls this extraordinary work as "moneyart". Sometimes it takes more than one and a half thousand banknotes of different values and two months of accurate author's work to make one painting.

Arinich Igor a "revolutionary" in the visual arts, an independent recognition and love of the audience. It every year attracts more and more attention.


That's why the paintings of Igor Arinich is one of the prime contributions to eternal values of art and is an unique, elite present which accentuates individuality and status of its owner as a fulfilled and affluent person and also gives the possibility to be in daily contact with a pleasant money energy within a strict office interior or warm home atmosphere. If you would like to make a profitable investment or memorable, exclusive present for relatives, directors, foreing business-partners the painting or portrait made from money is the best choice.

Works of famous moneyartist and his revolutionary attempt to unfix the notion of money are widely covered in print media and Belarusian, Moscow, Russian, TV-channels. 

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